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What is Infertility?


After 12 months of regular unprotected intercourse, 85% of couples will achieve a pregnancy. The remaining 15% of couples are considered infertile, and should seek a basic evaluation to identify contributing factors and guide treatment options. The main components of the workup evaluate ovulation and ovarian function, tubal and uterine anatomy, and possible male factor issues. Efficient and thorough testing is the key to helping couples achieve the ultimate goal of a healthy baby.

Infertility Treatment

All couples should undergo a detailed history and the female partner a physical examination by a women’s health provider or seeking fertility infertility specialist. During a new patient consultation with one of our physicians at the Utah Fertility Center, we routinely perform a pelvic ultrasound to evaluate uterine and ovarian anatomy. Ultrasounds are a safe and relatively painless way of diagnosing any abnormalities such as uterine fibroids or ovarian cysts. Other typical screening includes cycle day 2 or 3 blood tests for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and estradiol levels, sometimes with testing for anti-Mullerian hormone levels, all of which evaluate egg reserve. We also screen for thyroid disorders because abnormal levels can affect ovulation and increase the risk of miscarriage. If there is a history of ovulatory dysfunction, additional hormone tests may be run to evaluate the underlying cause and guide treatment.

Basic Criteria

Basic Criteria for using Basic Infertility Workup as an option If you’re over 40, have a low ovarian reserve, previously failed response to injections in IVF treatment, Basic Infertility Workup.

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Male Infertility In Patiala

Male Infertility

What is the normal anatomy involved with male fertility factor?

Female Infertility In Patiala

Female Infertility

What is the normal anatomy involved with female fertility factor?

Infertility Treatments in Patiala

Infertility Treatments

We provide a wide variety of Infertility treatments, from basic Infertility care to advanced Infertility treatment.