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IMSI Treatment

IMSI Process

IMSI is a modification of the ICSI technique where sperm samples are examined under a microscope that is almost 6000 times more powerful to better assess their “morphology”. At a higher power the embryologist can identify tiny defects in the sperm head that would not otherwise be visible with standard ICSI.

Although it is yet to be confirmed to be of benefit for all requiring sperm injection, it is recommended in those with a history of recurrent implantation failures, recurrent ICSI failures or severe teratospermia (abnormal sperm shape).

IMSI Treatment

The Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) is a technique that is used as a part of the In Vitro Fertilisation treatments for infertility. The IMSI treatment involves morphologically injecting a selected sperm into the egg. This sperm selection is carefully performed prior to the commencement of the procedure so as to segregate impaired or abnormal sperms that may be hindering the pregnancy.

Steps involved in an IMSI infertility treatment

Basic Criteria

Basic Criteria for using Egg Donors as an option If you’re over 40, have a low ovarian reserve, previously failed response to injections in IVF treatment, donor eggs.

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